In 1988 Expatria Human Resources was created in Paris. It was initially a part of France International Network, which also included Paris Relocation Service, Ariec, Scandi Bureau, BBF and Enel Business Center. These other businesses were sold or discontinued over time, including France International.

In the early days Expatria also recruited expatriates, which explains the company name. This has changed completely over the years; since many years basically all recruitments are focused on local candidates with French-Nordic experience.

In 2000 Expatria opened its Stockholm office.

In 2003 Expatria sponsored Pia l’Obry on her adventure in Transat 6.5, sailing solo from France (Charente-Maritime) to Brazil (Bahia). She arrived 11th in her category, 14th of 70 participants all categories mixed. She was the first woman and first Scandinavian to reach Brazil.

In 2006 Stefan Palm became the owner of Expatria Human Resources.