Since 1988 Expatria Human Resources specializes in French-Nordic recruitments. Regardless of our client’s business sector, position proposed /opening, or location, our team knows how to find the right person.

Despite our company name we nowadays recruit almost only local candidates, the demand for recruitment of expatriates is limited.

We help our clients target and attract the best people for their business. Our recruitments are based on direct search in targeted business sectors and in our own database and networks. By using direct search we are able to reach professionals who are not actively searching for a new position. Web advertisements, which can be anonymous if our client so prefers, are often used to get an even wider selection of candidates.

In our recruitments we pay much attention to an interactive process and a close cooperation with our clients. We prepare a candidate profile, based on our client’s job description or our common discussion about the profiles to look for. The description will be used as a guideline during the search and will be transmitted to candidates we meet for a confidential interview. During the search and recruitment process we continuously update and give feedback to our client.